Bitimec Washer

Date of Manufacturer:  December 2009

Model:  SW 380 101 ST

History:  This unit was originally used at the winter Olympics in Vancouver, which took place from February 12-28, 2010. There was a large wash-bay location made available to the many motor coaches that were stationed at the Olympics. There were many brush washers at that wash station, this particular unit served as a spare unit so it never saw much use. The brush washers at the wash station were made available through ABC Companies, who in addition to being the distributor for Van Hool motor coaches was also the distributor for Bitimec Brush Washers at that time. We purchased the unit from ABC Companies in April of 2010, approximately two months after the winter Olympics in Vancouver were finished. This brush washer was installed at a small school bus terminal (about 30 buses) in central Wisconsin from the time it was purchased until our contract expired for that school district in June of 2015. It has seen virtually no use from June of 2015 until now. The unit is in excellent condition. It has always been in a heated wash bay. When the brush washer was purchased from ABC companies it was properly installed by their crew. Therefore the overhead cable and pulley system is in excellent shape and everything works properly. This model of brush washer requires three phase power. We do have a power convertor available for $1500 that converts single phase power into three phase power.

Price:  $11,000.00

Shipping:  To be determined based on buyer's location

Bitimec Washer 01 Bitimec Washer 01
Bitimec Washer 01 Bitimec Washer 01

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