Motorcoach Equipment

About Our Fleet

At Progressive Travel, you will find only quality motorcoaches that are meticulously maintained and have many fine options. In fact, you will not find any motorcoach operator in the central United States that have more features than ours. Every one of our motorcoaches have the following features, we guarantee it!

Entertainment Packages

Perhaps the single greatest advantage that we have is the entertainment package. Every passenger on our motorcoaches has the ability to customize what they listen to, what they view and at what volume. Learn more about why Progressive Travel is the Travel Entertainment Specialist.

High Deck Coaches

Our fleet elevates all passengers above the driver and tour director. In other words - the passengers look out an upper windshield and the driver and tour director look out lower windshields. This offers a much better view to the passengers.

Tour Director Seat

Each motorcoach in our fleet has a seat at the front of the motorcoach specifically designed for the tour director or group leader. Thanks to the elevated design of our the front seats of the coach are available to the passengers because the tour director (or group leader) does not need to take up one of the front seats.

Advantages of Center Restroom & Door

At Progressive Travel we have always felt that the true European motorcoaches are of a superior design - meaning the restroom is mounted in the center of the motorcoach and another entrance/exit door is located next to the restroom.

Learn more about the benefits and advantages of center restroom & door.

Carpeted Stairwells & Aisles

Every motorcoach in our fleet has carpeting in the stairwell and the entire aisle. This reduces the chance for slips or falls due to wet or icy vinyl flooring. It also creates a warmer or more "homey" environment.

Carpeted Walls, Ceilings and Overhead Parcel Racks

Every motorcoach in our fleet has cloth fabric on virtually every surface throughout the entire coach. The fabric matches (or compliments) the seating fabric design. This further enhances the interior aesthetically but also helps reduce interior noise.

Full Curtains On Every Window

Every motorcoach in our fleet has full curtains on every window. In addition to making the interior of the motorcoach more "cozy", the curtains are a much better solution to blocking the sun as compared to window shades. Additionally the curtains are much better for groups traveling at night who want to block out exterior headlights, street lights and other distractions.

Central Vacuum System

Every motorcoach in our fleet is equipped with a central vacuum system. We take our cleaning duties very seriously. So regardless of where our coaches are, from sandy beaches to the back roads of Alaska, you can expect them to be clean always! And not just the interior - all of our coaches have the necessary supplies for the driver to wash the exterior - all we need is access to a water supply.

Individual Seat Options

Every motorcoach in our fleet has many various options available for every passenger and the individual seating space that passenger occupies.

  • Adjustable Armrests
  • Adjustable Footrests
  • Drink Trays
  • Magazine Retainer
Trailer Hitch

Every motorcoach in our fleet has the ability to pull one of our custom built trailers. We know that there are times when the normal luggage bay space under the motorcoach simply won't accommodate the needs of a group. So we built trailers to meet the needs of those groups that have to move a major amount of equipment. Here's a partial list of clients who have used our trailers:

  • Theatre Troupes
  • Marching Bands
  • Church Mission Groups

Learn more about our customized trailers.

Sleeper Berth for a relief driver

Every motorcoach in our fleet has a sleeper berth for a relief driver. In the event that a group wishes to travel through the night to reach their destination we have accommodations on each motorcoach for the extra driver. Learn more about sleeper berths.

Optional Amenities

Even though our fleet has more options, than any of our competitors sometimes that isn't enough. Additional amenities that are available on some of our motorcoaches include card tables and refrigerators.

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