Advantages of Center Restroom & Door

At Progressive Travel we have always felt that the true European motorcoaches are of a superior design - meaning the restroom is mounted in the center of the motorcoach and another entrance/exit door is located next to the restroom. These coaches have traveled the European highways for decades and are accepted as the industry's standard. A rear restroom is virtually unknown in European motorcoaches. And now in the U. S. marketplace, manufacturers that are not located in Europe are calling their new designs the 'E' class ("E" meaning European) or "European Design" coaches. If these manufacturers wish to truly emulate the European coaches, the definitive characteristic must be present - the center restroom and center door.

The benefits of this design are so numerous that we felt it necessary to identify them for you and share the reasons why Progressive Travel continues to be the only motorcoach company in the Midwest to include true European motorcoaches as part of their fleet.

  1. No Undesirable seats - This is the most obvious benefit of the center restroom. Regardless of where you sit on a Progressive Travel motorcoach, every seat is a good seat. Unlike coaches with a rear restroom, no one typically wants to sit in the seat next to the bathroom - the view is blocked by the bathroom and who wants to be next to a bathroom when there's a bathroom odor?
  2. Additional Rear Window - How many coaches offer a great view out of the rear window? At Progressive Travel if you're in the rear seat of the coach, you can turn around and look out the rear window in addition to having an unobstructed view through each side window at the rear of the coach. You'll be amazed at how "open" the coach feels with the rear window!
  3. With the center restroom, there are far greater seating configurations - By having the rear of the motorcoach available without the restroom, there are many more options for seating. Options might be a couch seat straight across the rear of the motorcoach, booth type seating on either side of the aisle with card tables, one large circular booth going in a semicircle at the back of the motor-coach with a card table, a full galley, at the rear of the motorcoach, a partial galley at the rear of the coach with booth seating beside it, or etc.
  4. Comfortable temperature, reduced odor - With a rear restroom, the holding tank is located below the toilet in the engine compartment. And since most diesel engines operate at approximately 190 degrees F, then it is a rather simple deduction that anything located close to that motor is going to be heated as well. If you've ever wondered why the rear restroom on a motorcoach seems to be constantly subjected to "restroom odors", a major contributing factor is that all the contents of the holding tank have been heated. With the center restroom, like all Progressive Travel motorcoaches, there is no concern of the restroom being "preheated" by the engine. Furthermore, there are exhaust fans that run anytime the coach is running and additional exhaust fans that run when the restroom light is on. These fans continually exchange air in the restroom and ventilate air from inside the restroom to the undercarriage of the motorcoach. The end result is that the restroom stays fresher even with heavy use.
  5. The center restroom is safer for the person in the restroom - In the event that the motorcoach must make a sudden (panic) stop at highway speeds, the occupant in the restroom will be facing the rear of the motorcoach while they are seated. Therefore, they would simply be supported by the wall behind them as the forces of the stopping coach moved them toward that wall. In a rear restroom motorcoach, the person is facing the front of the coach as they are seated. Therefore, in a panic stop the person can literally be removed from the toilet and hit the wall in front of them. While this can be embarrassing, it is also a concern for serious injury.
  6. The middle exit door expedites the loading and unloading time -This is also an obvious advantage. With two doors, it simply takes less time to get people on and off the coach.
  7. Having two doors is safer - In the event that the front entrance door is damaged in an accident and is not usable, then the middle door would allow the passengers to disembark the motorcoach. Since most motorcoaches do not have the middle exit door, if the front door is disabled, it forces the passengers to exit the coach through emergency exit windows or an escape hatch in the ceiling. Often times, more passengers are injured attempting to exit the motorcoach after the accident than during the accident. This is particularly true of senior adult groups. Therefore, when you travel with Progressive Travel, you’re in a safer motorcoach!
  8. Easier Access Means Better Maintenance - By having the restroom in the center of the motorcoach, there are no holding tanks, plumbing lines, or other related items blocking access to the engine compartment. Therefore, technicians have better access to the engine compartment. This is an important issue because better maintenance means safety and security for all the passengers. At Progressive Travel, we stress the importance of safety and proper maintenance of our equipment. With more complete access to our engine compartment; it gives us yet one more slight advantage over our competition. And if there's ever a problem on the road, it becomes even more important when a technician who is not familiar with that exact bus can see the entire engine. That means quicker resolutions and less downtime.

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