Customized Trailers

25ft trailer attached to 40ft motorcoach

Here at Progressive Travel, we offer a variety of equipment trailer options to add even more value to your tour group value. Federal and state laws dictate how long a combination can be. (A combination vehicle is a motorized vehicle pulling a trailer.) Therefore, only a 40 foot long motorcoach can pull the trailer and still be legal.

The largest available motorcoach & trailer combination as by state and federal law.

Our equipment trailers feature completely or partially removable carpeted shelves. Each shelf is 4x4ft wide, allowing for many possible storage configurations. To prevent damage to cargo while traveling, trailers also feature metal tracking along the walls and a front cargo net. The top deck is also carpeted and has florescent lighting for safe and easy loading and unloading. Each shelf on the upper deck is 4' wide with a 6" riser so equipment stored will not be able to slide around. From the floor of the top deck to the ceiling of the trailer is about 3.5 feet.

Load bars and cargo net keeps equipment safe.

The top deck is carpeted and has florescent lighting.

Our trailers feature a rear ramp door, providing easy access for loading and unloading equipment. Any equipment with wheels can easily be loaded and unloaded. Nylon ratchet straps secure equipment into place. As seen in the picture below, the carpeted floor of the trailer has small round tie downs and metal tracks on the wall for even more tie down security. Florescent lighting in the trailer allows you to easily see as you load and unload.

Over 10 feet tall and additional storage capabilities thanks to the upper deck, our trailers can store more equipment than a similar sized rental truck. Equipment is secured with load bars, cargo nets and nylon ratchets straps. Rental trucks don't even offer these features. Our trailers are exceptionally versatile and far less expensive than a truck rental. Just think of the savings! No truck rental, no additional driver, no fuel costs, no insurance, no problem.

Rear ramp access for easy loading and unloading.

Interior view of equipment trailer.

In addition to the rear loading ramp, our trailers also feature oversized side access doors. This feature is great for groups that have garment bags, as there is hanging space in the front of the trailer on either side of the door. While the larger equipment is being loaded or unloaded from the rear of the trailer, the garment bags can be loaded and unloaded through the side door to save your group time.

The trailer was constructed so that there is enough room between the front of the trailer and the side entrance to hang a row of garment bags. A load bar can be installed to prevent the bags from swinging back and/or falling during transport. As shown in the picture below, these over-sized garment bags are used for a concert choir and show choir. They are still able to hang from the loaded bar, below the upper storage deck, without wrinkling the uniforms inside. Whether your group is traveling across the state or across the country, when you arrive your uniforms will be wrinkle-free - regardless of the size of the garment bag.

View of trailer side entrance.

Load bars secure your garment bags from swinging and falling.

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