Travel Entertainment

Plenty of Options

Chartering Progressive Travel's Transportainment Motor-coaches means you have the widest possible array of entertainment options: DVD Player, AM/FM Radio, four separate CD changers, and Satellite radio. Play material from one source over the coach's standard sound system, as in a regular motorcoach, or offer entertainment from up to five sources simultaneously through our unique Individual Entertainment Package (IEP).

Individual Choice

The IEP puts individual headphone jacks at every seat. Each passenger controls their own volume and choice of seven audio channels. To listen to the AM/FM radio or a cassette tape that may be playing, choose channel 1. To listen to the audio portion of a movie that is playing, choose channel 2. Channels 3, 4, 5, and 6 are the eight disc CD changers. Or choose channel 7 for the Satellite radio station that is playing. Or simply enjoy the quiet and watch the scenery or converse with a neighbor by leaving the headsets off altogether! All of our passengers now have entertainment choices.

Satellite Radio-A Progressive Advantage

Progressive Travel is proud to be the first motorcoach company in the U.S.A. to have every motorcoach equipped with Satellite radio. Tune in to channel 7 and you will hear one of well over 100 different choices available. Only one channel can play throughout the coach at any time, but with choices that include every type of music, sports and news channel imaginable, we’ll change the station frequently so everyone will be satisfied. And because the signal is sent via satellite, the reception is nearly perfect wherever we are.

About Headsets

To enjoy the benefits of our exclusive IEP system, passengers should bring their own headsets. (Standard MP3-type headsets with conventional 1/8" mini plugs will do.) If they forget, or don't have headsets of their own, we have some available to use.

About Movies

All Progressive Travel Motorcoaches carry a handful of general-interest G or PG-rated movies as standbys. You are encouraged to bring your own selections of particular interest to your group. Remember that individual tastes and sensitivities vary widely. What is entertaining to some may be offensive to others. Generally, you are safe in using G or PG-rated films. Some groups are amenable to watching select PG-13 or R-rated programs. Consider your group’s ages and interests when choosing films.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Movies Do We Need?

It's up to you, of course, but the average film lasts just under two hours. Compare times to your scheduled travel itinerary, and try to plan some breaks from the video when we’ll be traveling through interesting areas. Don’t forget: There’s a return trip, too! Save some for the ride home.

What Kind of Music Should We Plan?

You can slot as many as 32 CD's at one time in our four CD changers. To satisfy the most listeners, choose three of four musical styles. For example, you might put eight country CD's in one changer, eight pop/rock CD's in the second CD changer, eight easy listening CD's in the third CD changer, and eight jazz CD's in the fourth CD changer. Again, you are giving your group individual choices. The eight-disk changers play over IEP Channels 3, 4, 5, & 6. Bring as many CD's as you like, but remember: They are YOUR responsibility.

What About the Radio and Cassette Tapes?

IEP Channel 1 is reserved for either the AM/FM radio. You decide which source you want to use. Since there is only one radio tuner, your driver will select a station that most closely matches the interests of your group. When IEP listeners choose the radio, they'll hear whatever it's tuned to.

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