Our Drivers

To make a motorcoach trip a success, you need to have the right driver. At Progressive Travel we spend a lot of time making sure the drivers we choose have the right characteristics. Extra attention is given to screening, training, and educating our drivers. Therefore, we are proud to say we have never had an accident, which has resulted in injury or death to a driver or a passenger since our inception in 1954.

Our well screened and well trained drivers lend to our second-to-none safety record. After an extensive application process, that meets mandated federal criteria our divers are first hired by our school bus division, Burnett Transit, Inc. At that time they are trained to handle larger capacity vehicles and assessed for personality traits necessary to be a successful motorcoach driver. Only after proving themselves in this capacity will they be considered as a motorcoach driver for Progressive Travel, Inc.

Our screening process is as follows:

  • Complete Background Check, including drug testing
  • Federal Application Process
  • Commercial Drivers License Certification (CDL)
  • Professionally administered personality testing

The full screening process is just the beginning for our prospective drivers. Each candidate proceeds through a rigorous specially designed training process, including no less than 40 hours of classroom time before they even get into a vehicle. At this time each driver will receive additional training on the specific differences between each motorcoach type in our fleet.

At the beginning of each driver's career with Progressive Travel, we monitor closely the progress of each driver, limiting them to trips of shorter distances with a professional driving coach. As they pass each trip requirement, then they will earn longer and more complex trips, including riding solo on short shuttle bus trips and multiple motorcoach movements. Finally, as their skills strengthen they will be approved to drive solo motorcoach tours and charters.

To further strengthen the driving skills of our drivers, we provide value-added training, very few motorcoach companies provide nationally, or at a motorcoach level.

Skid Pad Training:

Skid Pad Training, administered by Fox Valley Technical Institute, provides each motorcoach driver with safety techniques and specialized large-vehicle handling skills necessary for motorcoach driving.

Our training process is as follows:

  • Specialized training for each motorcoach type
  • Continued Education by a seasoned Progressive Travel Staff member
  • Skid Pad Training by Fox Valley Technical Institute

Professionally groomed drivers are a must at Progressive Travel, Inc. We provide the proper attire for each of our motorcoach drivers. We spend a great deal of time and money to ensure that our drivers are properly dressed. Our specialized tailored suits lend to a clean, professional atmosphere. We are absolute believers in the phrase, "If you look good – you feel good!"

At Progressive Travel we know that well selected, well trained and well groomed drivers are safe drivers. We value the importance of continuous training and monitoring of our drivers, ensuring each driver meets and exceeds our expectations, in turn ensuring you the best possible experience with our company.

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