Our Fleet

45 Foot Motorcoaches

Photo of a 45 Foot Progressive Travel Motorcoach with room for 57 passengers

If you need a high capacity motorcoach then this is the vehicle for you. The capacity is 57 passengers plus the tour director seat for a total of 58. This is the highest capacity motorcoach available in the industry. In addition to the large amount of options that all of our motorcoaches have, this coach also has some additional amenities. This coach has the largest luggage bay capacity of any of our motorcoaches. Our 45 foot motorcoach is perfect for large groups with a large amounts of luggage.

40 foot Motorcoaches

Photo of a 40 Foot Progressive Travel Motorcoach with room for 46-50 passengers

Interior Shots:

These coaches have long been the industry standard in terms of size. In our fleet they vary in capacity from 46 to 50 passengers. The greatest feature of our 40 foot motorcoaches are the center door and center restroom. These coaches also have permanent sleeper berths built in and do not take any capacity away from the passenger cabin. If you are searching for a motorcoach with luxury and affordability then these motorcoaches are perfectly suited. Click here to see an interior shot of our 40 foot motorcoach.

35 foot Motorcoaches - Our Standard Motorcoach

Photo of a 35 Foot Progressive Travel Motorcoach with room for 36 passengers

Interior Shots:

If your group size doesn't require a full-size motorcoach then we have the perfect vehicle for you. The capacity of this coach is 36 passengers plus the tour director seat for a total capacity of 37. What makes this vehicle truly unique is that it resembles a full-size motorcoach in every way except it is five feet shorter in length and thus the slightly lower capacity. This motorcoach competes with mini-coaches only in terms of size. In other words everything that our competitors can not offer with a mini-coach we can offer with this motorcoach. This motorcoach was built to travel. Our 37 passenger motorcoach can do it all - and at extremely competitive prices.

Shuttle Buses

Mid-Sized Shuttle Bus for 28 Passengers or 16 + 5 Wheelchairs

We have three different types of Shuttle Buses that you can choose from. We have our Mid-Sized Shuttle that are value priced and have limited options. The Small Shuttle Bus that is perfect for smaller groups that are traveling shorter distances. And finally, we have our Micro Bus that was manufactured entirely by Mercedes-Benz and sold in the United States under the Dodge name.

▸ Click here to learn more about our Shuttle Buses

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