Pull Behind Rough Cut Mower

Manufacturer: Kunz Engineering

Make: Acre Ease

Model: MR55H

Cutting Width: 57 inches

Hours: 365
(or slightly higher due to ongoing use of the machine)

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Implement History:
This mower was purchased new from Jerry’s Small Engine Supply which is located just outside of Stevens Point, Wis. (Jerry’s Small Engine Supply is now the distributor for Acre Ease mowers for the state of Wisconsin.) The purchase date was June 19, 2009. Thus the mower is now 10 years old. The purchase price was $6018.72 (including tax). This is the second Acre Ease mower I have owned. These are truly commercial grade units. If you can run it over with the mower (think sapling trees) the mower will cut it up. My use for the mower has been for mowing ditches and shooting lanes on our hunting land. Since our hunting land is relatively low land, the Wetlands Kit was necessary for this mower. The Wetlands Kit puts 2 wide tires on every corner of the machine which makes it much easier to tow with an ATV. Without the Wetlands Kit there is a single, narrow tire at each corner of the front of the machine and a single wider tire at each corner in the back of the machine. These tires will sink in much quicker thus causing the mower to get stuck and then the tow vehicle becomes stuck. The other option on this mower is the Flotation Kit. This includes a center wheel on both the front and rear of the mower. The Flotation Kit is critical for mowing ditches. Without it the mower will scalp at the top of the ditch. This means the center of the mower will “bottom out” on the ridge at the top of the ditch which causes the mower to be mowing dirt or gravel depending on what is at the top of the ditch line. With the center wheels in both the front and back, there is no scalping. This greatly improves the longevity of the blades not to mention preventing excessive wear on the engine. (Severe scalping will draw the engine down to the point of choking it off!!)

Maintenance History:
This mower has never sat outside. It was cleaned after most uses. Every winter it has been in a heated garage with a battery maintainer on it. The service work has been completed on time or before it was due. Any maintenance that was necessary was completed. Both mower blade spindles have been replaced with the newer versions. The machine runs properly. After looking for a better, more industrial version of this machine I haven’t found one. That is why I continue to buy the Acre Ease.

Reason for Selling:
I do not keep any implements or recreational vehicles beyond 10 years. So I am selling this unit and buying another new Acre Ease. The new one will be over $7000 with the various options that I spec on it.

Price: $2,500.00
(If you are serious please contact me. We properly maintain all of our equipment therefore I will not entertain low-ball offers. If you can find a better quality machine of this age in this condition, buy it.)

Contact Information:
Joe Burnett
Office: 715-659-4391