1999 Van Hool T 945


Mileage: 862,000 miles
(odometer replaced at 756,543 miles, new odometer shows approx. 105,000 miles)

Capacity: 57 capacity (plus driver and tour director)

Engine: Cummins M-11
(Cummins rebuild installed on 7/6/15 with 702278 on odometer. Engine now has approximately 159,000 miles on it). 450 Hp

Transmission: B500R Allison Automatic, Five Speed Auto with retarder
(Weller rebuild installed on 6/09/14 at 657,599 miles. Transmission has approximately 204,000 miles on it.)

Fuel Tank Capacity: 257 gallons

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Vehicle History:
My company purchased this coach from U.S. Bank Corp in May of 2004. The first owner defaulted on the loan and thus the coach was repossessed. There were 208,183 miles on the coach when we purchased it. We used this coach for a combination of charter and tour work. This coach has been a great vehicle for our company. It is extremely reliable. While the electronics on this coach (engine and transmission) are early versions in comparison to the extensive electronics of today, these versions also experience far fewer difficulties – thus more reliability. Like every coach in our fleet, there is an extensive array of options we have installed on the coach (see the list below.) We are meticulous with our maintenance and cleaning of all of our coaches. We can virtually guarantee that there is not another T 945 Van Hool in the U.S. that is this highly optioned and this clean. We have all the documentation on all repairs since we owned this coach. All maintenance was handled either by our staff (ASE master certified techs), Cummins certified techs or the staff at ABC in Fairbault, Mn. Since we are based in Wisconsin, we have salt on our winter roads. All corrosion issues have been dealt with as they arise. The undercarriage has had the proper attention to deal with any corrosion issues as well as the body. I can assure you that we are a company of integrity. If you are searching for a cheap coach that has been poorly maintained, this is NOT the coach for you.

Exterior Improvements: Following are the improvements completed on the exterior of this coach.

Interior Improvements: Following are the improvements completed on the interior of this coach.

As you can see by the pictures, the coach has been well maintained. The seat covers have been replaced. Every switch on the dash works correctly – notice the icons are all legible for each switch! Of course there is wear on this coach – that is to be expected with the mileage that it has accumulated. The coach is in service and continues to do charter and tour work.

Reason for Selling:
We have already purchased another Van Hool to replace this coach.

Price: $30,000
I ask that you contact me if you are serious. We have far too much time, effort and money invested in all of our coaches to sell them at low-ball discount prices.

Contact Information:
Joe Burnett
Office: 715-659-4391