Our Fleet

Our company was founded on the business model that passengers should be the priority. Therefore, our coaches have always been more highly optioned than any of our competitors. This dedication to the passenger experience has lead us to become a company of firsts:

  • First motor coach in Wisconsin to have a complete video package - April 1989
  • First European motor coach to be based in Wisconsin - April 1989
  • First motor coach in Wisconsin to have two doors - April 1989
  • First motor coach in Wisconsin to have individual entertainment controllers at every seat - November 2001
  • First motor coach in Wisconsin to have a central vacuuming system - December 2001
  • First motor coach in the U.S. to have satellite radio - February 2002

We believe in being at the forefront of innovation as well as staying up-to-date on industry trends and technology. We guarantee every customer the motor coach that they are riding on with Progressive Travel will include all of the following options:

  • Multi-Media hub which allows any laptop, tablet or other device to access the video system on the motor coach
  • Wi-Fi
  • 110 volt outlets
  • Individual headset controllers at every seat (similar to airlines)
  • Satellite radio with over 200 channels
  • Magazine retainer at every seat
  • Drink tray at every seat
  • Coat hook at every seat
  • Adjustable arm rest and footrest at every seat
  • Winged headrest at every seat (better for passengers trying to sleep)
  • Large flat screen TVs
  • Central vacuum system - this allows us to keep our equipment immaculate no matter where we are
  • Extensive supply list - cleaning supplies, tools, as well as common parts such as belts, filters, light bulbs, etc.
  • Custom built sleeper berths

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We understand that every group has different needs and we are able to address those needs through our different capacity coaches and our equipment trailers:

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