Long distance travel on board a bus can be a nightmare with the audio blaring through the ancient P.A. system. Never mind the constant complaints from irritated passengers about the volume being too loud or too soft. But with Progressive Travel and our state of the art entertainment package, your motor coach trip will be complaint free! We call it "The Sanity Saver" because at the journey's end, you will still have your sanity!

The Sanity Saver: Our Individual Entertainment Package

Plenty of Options
With Progressive Travel, you have the widest possible array of entertainment options: DVD player, aux input for phones/iPods, AM/FM radio with CD player and satellite radio. With this system, we offer up to five sources simultaneously through our unique Individual Entertainment Package (IEP).

Individual Choice
The IEP system puts individual headphone jacks at every seat. Each passenger controls their own volume and choice of five audio channels. To listen to the movie playing, choose channel 1. Channel 2 is the satellite radio, which has over 200 channels available. Channel 3 is the AM/FM radio and CD player. Channels 4 and 5 are the aux inputs for the phones/iPods. If you'd rather not listen to anything, simply enjoy the quiet of the interior of the motor coach and watch the scenery or converse with a neighbor by leaving the headphones off altogether! All of our passengers have entertainment choices.

About Headphones
To enjoy the benefits of our exclusive IEP system, passengers should bring their own headphones/earbuds with standard 1/8" mini plugs. If someone forgets, we have extras available to use.

About Movies
All Progressive Travel motor coaches carry a handful of general interest G or PG-rated movies as standbys. You are encouraged to bring your own selections of particular interest to your group. Remember that individual tastes and sensitivities vary widely. What is entertaining to some may be offensive to others. Generally, you are safe in selecting G or PG-rated films. Some groups are amenable to watching select PG-13 or R-rated programs. Consider your group's ages and interests when choosing films. Since most movies are approximately two hours in length, bring enough for travel to and from your destination.

What about the radio?
IEP channel 3 is reserved for the AM/FM radio and CD player. You decide which source you want to use. Since there is only one radio tuner, your driver will select a station that most closely matches the interests of your group. When IEP listeners choose the radio, they'll hear whatever it's tuned to.

Satellite Radio - A Progressive Advantage
Progressive Travel is proud to be the first motor coach company in the U.S. to have every motor coach equipped with Satellite radio. Tune in to channel 2 and you will hear one of well over 200 different choices available. Only one channel can play throughout the coach at any time, but with choices that include every type of music, sports and news channel imaginable, we'll change the station frequently so everyone will be satisfied. And because the signal is sent via satellite, the reception is nearly perfect wherever we are.

Multi-Media Hub
Some groups need to connect their electronic devices (laptops, tablets or other electronic devices) to the video package on the motor coach they are traveling in. With our Multi-Media Hub that is featured on every motor coach we operate, that is possible. So if your team wants to view footage of the game they just played, that can be done. Want to stream footage of an event or other video from your computer? No problem. Connect your device to the Multi-Media Hub and you are set. Just another competitive edge we offer our clients. We stay connected with industry technology so you can too.

A Group Leader's Entertainment Checklist

  • Remind passengers to bring headphones
  • Select and bring DVDs that will be pleasing to most of your group
  • Use the Aux input to plug in a phone/iPod
  • Relax and enjoy a great trip with Progressive Travel, the Sanity Saver Experts!